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Thread: What GPS are you all using?

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    GPS Kit and Motion X are both decent. I have to agree that carrying a dedicated GPS is kinda pointless these day unless you are doing like a 6 hr trip where the phone's batt wont last.

    I personally like Everytrail's better than both of those as it has some more advanced features (you have to dig to find them thou) and find the website and user interface better,.. mostly personal thou.

    another good one that is about the best for accuracy is Kinetic for Iphone,.. has some sweet features, love the module setup interface where you can move and add or delete info windows... kinda weird saving and exporting thou. Does show areas when you loose a GPS signal where all the others just kinda fake it and draw a straight line from where it's lost and where it regains.. Kinetic puts in breaks in the mapping, still averages info but hows you were and when it's doing it.. kinda nice.

    Phone's really aren't as accurate as a true GPS, but are pretty close if you have a Iphone 4 or higher (or droid equal)
    and for me the "map" is more important that "Stats" as I more use it to know where I am and where I'm going than how fast or how much I've climbed.... which the phones actually do better
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