I finished my home made studs this morning. I cheaped out and used two used tires. Based on how they came out I wish I bought two new ones, but I'm cheap. It took a while to get the Stans to do its job and for the tire to hold air, but both tires have held for 24 hours now, so I think I'm set. I need to take a ride on them on the road to make sure. Some of the screws are still too long, I have to try to get a pair of cutters in there to really get them down lower so I don't pick up leaves. The bolt cutters I used are the big ones and its hard to get in there close.

One of tire/rim combinations was perfect, but it took a little while to get the air to push the bead out onto the rim. I had no pressure limit on my compressor so I couldn't tell how much air was in the tire (anyone see where this is going?). As the tire aired up the bead popped six or seven times as it aired up. I stopped after it stopped popping. I thought "maybe just another hit of air to make absolutely sure the bead is all the way out". I hit it one more time and the tire blew off the rim. It was like a shotgun fired in my garage, and a nice fine spray of Stan's went everywhere. I nearly shat myself. My wife came running out convinced I had finally blown up the garage (there have been other incidents of near self destruction in the garage).

I got the tire back on and brought it up to pressure a lot more gently and all is good. Whew... Both tires took me maybe a total of 4 hours to make and mount - I put the screws in while on a conference call for work (shhhhh).