I disagree - I ran home made studded tires for 3 or 4 years on my 26er, never lost a screw, but its definitely heavier than commercial versions. I've ridden with guys on commercial tires and I had no instances where my tires were worse and I had no problem keeping up.

I typically put the studded tires on my back up bike and just grab that bike when conditions warrant it. Here in Northern CT on average that's probably four or five rides. Those rides are glorious on studded tires. The last two years there were NO opportunities to ride studded tires - two years ago it was pure snow, no ice, last year no snow or ice to speak of, agreed that pond riding is awesome. I think Sunday would have been a good studded tire ride, but I didn't ride this weekend.

I just put together some 29er studded tires, not quite done yet, but I mount them ghetto tubeless and have had good luck. If you build them correctly they work great (in my experience).