5' 3", 28" inseam. Used my 1x1 as the test pig for each wheel size. 96er, 29er, 26er and now 650b.
29er was fun, but something wasn't right. Tried true 29er, still not right. Straight seat post, short stem, bleh.
96er....ummm...something wasn't right.
26er- fat snow, skinny race, tubeless,rigid, suspended (lefty, woo-hoo!), rode great designed for it.
650b- the best adaptation by far. probably how I will keep it from now on.

Having said (typed) all that. No one can determine what will work for you. We can offer what worked for us, but (big butt here), riding style and trerrain will dictate what works for you.

Bad fit on a great bike equals bad riding. Good luck. Shorter riders are being squeezed out of the top tier bike companies more and more. I look now to the second and third teir companies now.

Oh ya, I ride a 907 snow bike almost exclusively and am building up a Single speed Pugs....