I ride there quite a bit. Although not in the last few weeks for whatever reason. I have a good 15 or so mile loop I do starting at the main lot. There's some really nice stuff over there, but there is also a lot of trails that are just blown out by the motorcycle guys. Last time I rode there it was during one of the enduro events, nothing like running a hundred motorcycles through a trail system to keep it in good shape Sometimes those blown out trails piss me off, but I guess I just have to let it go.

I usually start my ride by crossing Gulf Road and then 190 before coming back across. There is some great trail over there that is less used. Recently I've been ending my ride with a crank up the paved road to the top and riding the blue back down. That is a nasty, wrist cramping downhill - love it.

Maybe you'll recognize some of this: