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I like my Velocity P-35's. Really wide at 35 mm, not light, not for everybody but works for me. They are red, so they go faster.
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Thanks Lee.. I'm thinking more like a 24-28mm.
try the Blunt's then.. I started with the blunts, now run the P-35's. Loved them both but I think I'll be going back to the blunts. Reason is, well because the P-35's are SOOO wide they roll the contact area out wider and the tires don't have enough tread width, once you sit my fat arse the tire pillows out and the side walls start to become part of that contact point and I'm ending up wit ha bunch of sidewall rips. I use a taller/knurly-er tire on the front, but on the rear I like a lower/tighter tread and it's just not enough coverage on the sides.. Probably going with the Blunt (not the SL) on the rear and leave the P-35 up front ..