Its great! I really like this fork. First adding 20mm to the AC is a good thing on this bike - I was really concerned, because I like the way this bike rode with a 120mm fork, but I like what it does to the geometry. Unlike the Fox I had on there, the Loop has more linear action - it behaves well while climbing/braking, through the small stuff as well as the bigger stuff. I used up all the travel on big stuff, but you can see in those videos that it uses the appropriate amount of travel for various hits and while climbing.

The bad news is that its loud, its got a lot of squishing noises going on all the time and there is a top out thump. Neither are serious, but it does make the fork feel a bit less refined than a Fox.

Overall, very happy with it - but if you looking for a Cadillac feel, this might not be the fork for you.