Hey, I just found out that the Trustees of Reservations have been working on a comprehensive map of the SE Mass Bioreserve.

The bioreserve is a conglomeration of protected land including Freetown/FR state forest, Copicut Woods, the Fall River Watuppa watershed Reservation, and other municipal lands. At 13,000 acres its pretty huge for eastern MA. All of it is open to bikes.

Not only have they made this fantastic map (I've pored over it, all the trails are there), but they have set up a numbered intersection system similar to Wompatuck and TOT.

Unfortunately the trail markers are not up yet, but the guy I spoke with said within a couple of months the signs should be up.

I've got a couple of pics to share. The map is 16" by 24", so its decent size.


This shot shows the numbered intersections better.


Anyway, I'd like to prune back some of the trails and cut some blowdown, maybe a little leafblowing later in the season. Just try to get the trails cleaned up by the spring. I've got some people interested in helping out over on MTBR, but figured I'd post up here too.

I'm thinking maybe a group pruning ride sometime in October. I can ride the trails until then and identify trails that are getting overgrown, then go back with a bunch of guys and get as much done as possible. I'll be working on this all winter, once the ice cream shop closes. So if you ride Freetown or just like pruning let me know, I'll keep this thread updated.