We had a great trail care ride this past weekend. Seven guys showed up including Bill Boles. We got a lot done and the Copicut trails are clearer than they've been in years.

In other news, I attended the SE Mass Nemba meeting on Monday night and they voted me VP of Freetown SF. It was that easy, I didn't even have to campaign. That in turn motivated me to go visit the head ranger. He was pumped that there are mountain bikers doing some maintenance. He has only 2 guys at his disposal and has to manage Freetown, Profile rock, dighton rock SP, Acushnet cedar swamp and a couple of other properties, no wonder he has no time for trail maintenance. He pretty much told me he doesn't ever get out on the trails and that I should prune away to my hearts content.

Then I headed down to the Watuppa reservation to talk the guy in charge of the Fall river water supply land and basically the overseer of the bioreserve. He was also happy to have mountain bikers helping out and seemed very pro bike. He mentioned he needed a volunteer to put up the trail markers, so I volunteered. I'm excited to get these markers up.

He is also planning a Bioreserve ribbon cutting event for next spring to unveil the new map and trail marking system and really wants to include mountain bikes. Maybe a Nemba fun ride?

Thinking about another Trail Care Ride, possibly November 18? The Sunday before Thanksgiving. Probably the last official one of the year. I'm leaning towards pruning the Massassoit Trail and some of the trails leading up to Profile rock. It's stuff the Moto's don't ride and is good for riding and hiking. A good PR ride too as it would start from the Ranger station.