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Thread: Freetown State Forest / SE Mass Bioreserve new map

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    Hey all,

    I'm bumping this thread and wanted to post up that we're gonna have a trail maintenance ride on Sunday October 21. I'm gonna tentatively say around 9am and we'll leave from the Copicut Woods parking lot on Yellow Hill road. We've got several miles of trails completely cleared of blowdowns and pruned out. The plan is to head north and ride the stuff thats done, then start pruning the next bunch of trails.

    Hopefully we can get a bunch of guys out there and get these trails looking good. These aren't the usual Freetown trails, the stuff we're working on is in the center/south end of the bioreserve and don't get moto'd nearly as much. The trails are generally narrower and more remote feeling than the ledge and ranger station areas. If you'd like to help out or just get out there and ride what we've done so far, just let me know.

    Here's a map of the area. Pink is what we've already done, yellow is next on the list and the blue is stuff to be done in the future.
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