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Here you go:
The top one is mine and I lead some sections and was the sweep at some points. The second line is for the sweep. He didn't take the same track due to an injury of another rider. The average moving time was close to 8MPH.

Awesome! Thanks! A quick look at some of the segments we both rode, I was no more than 1 minute behind. Beaver Loop and Keys we rode the same pace. Tophet - Heartbreak we had the same pace until I dropped a chain and had to stop, fell back a minute. It looked like I was keeping pace up Stone Row until we went different routes (or the GPS went wonky). Down Stone Row Backside I kept pace. Looking at the other rides, Scott was pretty quick on Tophet, not sure I'd keep up with him there. I averaged 7.5MPH on my 10.8 mile ride with a few stops here and there (mechanical, slow riders, waiting for friends, getting lost, etc). On the demo bike I rode 7.9MPH. It's not quite 8.0MPH and the distances don't add up to your epic ride...but when my new bike comes in I think I might be able to keep pace. I hope to make the wicked ride and I'll probably try the advanced warmup and see how I do.