Am I the only one getting upset after reading some of the comments above?

Here are some of the gems: A 4 tier system, group rides getting bogged down, complaining that there is too much traffic on a climb, paying $ and not getting the service you expected.......blah blah blah blah

Everybody showed up at GB to ride a bike, there were posted group rides, there was a bbq, a raffle, demo bikes, trail maps, etc.......... everything MOST people need to have a good time. Ok, a couple of arrows may have fallen or were not where someone expected them.......improvise.......look at a trail map and point your handlebars in the direction of a ST, everything should have worked out. GB is one of the easiest networks to navigate using a trail map. It's actually hard to get lost.

As far as someone not knowing how to get over to RM from GB, instead of complaining that the route thru Thanksgiving Forest to RM wasn't should have asked someone. Any of the locals could have explained it to you in 2 minutes. Again, there are maps and threads on this site explaining just how to do so.....a little research or asking a question may have 'saved' the day some 'Service' seekers.

I can honestly say that I've never expected 'Service' when I've attended a NEMBA ride. I grab a trail map, show up, make a donation to NEMBA, then ride with friends. At different events we've ventured off the 'arrowed' trails, explored on our own, gotten lost, but had a great time.

It's only ST dammitawl, grab your bike and ride it!