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Great day for a ride yesterday. I somehow missed the fact that the 25 mile ride wasn't arrowed (or maybe only partially and needed a leader) so I did that pink arrowed loop thinking it was 25 only to find out it's really the 13 mile loop. Bummer as I wanted to hit Russell Mill. Oh well, I did the pink loop a 2nd to get my fill time then demoed a couple bikes for good measure. Still a fun time so thank you for all the work, the BBQ, Rocky and JRA!!
Agreed. I must say it was very disappointing, that the 25 mile ride was not arrowed to Russel Mill - clearly the better place. My self and group of friends, along with others all though that if we paid the money, we should be getting the service, we've come to expect at every NEMBA ride. To only have lead rides that went the full 25 was disappointing to say the least. Most times these rides are bogged down, wait up too much and are full of folks over stating their technical abilities. You're not an expert because you can ride 25 miles or even a hundred - road bikers do that - what separates us from them is the terrain. Measure your ability by your technical abilities to carry on through over the rough stuff, not just dirt road bike the easy stuff. I know it was through some roadway to Russel Mill - but we can handle that. Otherwise, the single track stuff was fantastic.