Perhaps I missed a few arrows because I ended up logging 10.8 miles
My first time through some arrows had been pulled and I missed some trail as well. 2nd time through at least 1 arrow was back in place and at another intersection someone had kindly laid out some branches in the shape of an arrow on the ground pointing the right direction to go. I got there and started cussing to myself until I saw that on the ground and then said a big thank you to who ever did it. Pretty sure I got it all the second time around.

Funny about the Element. I'm used to a 140mm bike (with 650B wheels) and didn't really care for it. Didn't seem to climb all that great and the suspension felt harsh to me even with the 29 inch wheels. I was surprised how well and easily it took some tight switchback corners. I loved the Pivot Mach 5.7 the JRA guy let me take a spin on though and I'd like to spend more time on that bike.