You and me both. Things got bottled up on the first real climb and I must have passed the leader (or fell behind waiting for others to get back on their bikes). By the time I got down I just started following the pink arrows. Perhaps I missed a few arrows because I ended up logging 10.8 miles. When I got back I grabbed a Rocky Mountain Element demo and logged another 6.4. Indian Hill was a lot more fun with fewer riders on it the second time around...and the Element rode wonderfully. It was a nice break from my hardtail. If I come back, I'll have to hit Russell Mill.

I think the led ride would have been better if Indian Hill were skipped or perhaps ridden later on once riders had a chance to shuffle based on ability. Some riders really weren't ready to tackle it. Maybe that's just the vagueness of an intermediate ride. Perhaps a 4-tier system would be more suited to keep people with similar abilities together.