For those that poopoo the Strava, I felt the same way not too many weeks ago; My attitude was and has always been riding was and always will be just for me to enjoy with friends/by myself and should always be without any distractions that will interrupt the ride in any way, you know, just to keep it all about the ride & the enjoyment.

However, now that I've tried Strava, I can say that I like it. I dont use it for EVERY ride I do especially if it's a technical/DH/Freeride MTB ride, but for those where I am laying down some XC miles, or when I'm doing some road riding, I always use it. Also, I still enjoy the ride with no distractions even with it running, it just does the data collection thing tucked away in my pocket, I never have to look at it during the ride. Posting to social media etc is an option, not a default, and looking at ride histories with all the segment data etc is pretty cool. YMMV