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Thread: Example of why Strava bites the big one in the woods....

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    Quote Originally Posted by pulsepro View Post
    All this Strava and GPS business is shite. Leave that stuff at home.
    Umm, I will disagree with this.

    I am recovering from a severe injury, and I would like to join group ride, but I cannot overcook my knee.
    GPS and Strava is motivating me to hammer when I can, solo, without the worry of being a lame ride anchor.
    Last thing I want to be is 'that guy' dragging down the group. So, me vs GPS data is how I have been spending
    time riding.

    So...for me, it is the best thing I have ever done. I am making leaps of improvements in all aspects:

    ss mtb
    ss road

    I am now able to ride +45 trail miles cruising with zero stops, earlier this year I couldn't ride 3 miles without stopping and unkinking the knee.
    strava motivates me to pound away at those pedals, rinse, repeat. Other peeps strava data motivates me to ride more and harder.
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