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New list:
Stumpy Comp EVO 29
Tallboy at 120 (LT?)
Kona Satori - Any experience?? I really liked the geometry and it seemed to be spec'd well.
Tallboy LT is 135mm. I've got one on order due to arrive in October. I've been riding a 100mm hardtail entry level bike for a year and its time for an upgrade, a big one at that. I rode the Tallboy on a demo day at Bear Brook. It was wet so I couldn't push it too hard, but I fell in love. No problems for me on the XC terrain and it really shined once I pointed it downhill. For the majority of NEMBA parks, the Tallboy (non-LT) is probably sufficient to handle the roots and rocks of XC trails. However, I want to make a few trips to lift-service parks next year. Since I'm a one-bike guy the LT will give me enough travel to enjoy both types of riding.