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I went to both shops yesterday. I test rode a Stumpy Comp (not EVO) and the Tallboy (100 mm). I found the Sales Person to be the opposite of friendly and accommodating. He told me that I didn't want to test ride the Transition. It seemed like he was getting tired of helping me. After that, I went to JRA. I found Brian and his staff to be far more helpful and supportive. I was able to test ride the Satori around the block, but he said that they do have a demo. I'm hoping that in the next week I'll be able to check it out (It's a little difficult getting down to Medford from Nashua) Of course, the 2013 is spec'd even better, so I'm tempted to go with the new rig too. Either way, the demo should give me a great idea of how it rides.
Interesting and puzzling why he didn't want you to test the Bandit. Well to add to you're potential choices here is the new Transition Covert 29'r. Nice looking bike.