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I really had my heart settled on the Yeti SB-66. With that out of the picture, I feel like I've had to start all over in my search.
After your SB-66 dream was shattered, I think you should throw a leg over a Pivot 5.7 and also an Ibis Mojo. IMO, two of the nicer truely All Mountain 26ers out there. JRA in Medford could hook you up with both.

I know it's just me, but I have a hard time wrapping my head around a 29er being labeled 'All Mountain'. Yes, there is some pretty sweet 5 inch travel 29ers out there. Yea, you can press a 29er into AM duty, but it doesn't appear to be the best tool for the job. You could easily take a 5.7, SB 66, Mojo, Intense 6.6, etc......and ride the entire mountain at Highland (I've done it!), but I've yet to see a Stumpy 29er being hauled up on a chairlift. Sorry for hijacking the thread.