Tree, thats good to hear. Like I said, I haven't been there since the spring so I haven't seen anything brand new, but is good that somebody's working to improve things.

I do try to bring hand tools with me when I ride, cut out blowdowns or prune annoying branches. Did a bunch of cutting last year after the storm, though Otis didn't get hit too badly. I used to do a lot more work out there, a buddy and I built a few small trails and a bunch of stunts that have since rotted away (live and learn, they were poorly built, but fun for awhile) Seemed like the glory days were when Mitch from True Wheel cycles was building out there. He had an old lawnmower he left out there. He would just fire it up and mow away, ride it a few dozen times (few hundred?) and presto, instant trail.

Still love Otis though, gonna get out there soon.