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    Default ... little riding successes

    so I go to ride yesterday, and whichever bike I am using I make sure to
    have 3 patch kits plus 1 tube for the tire size. since I run 5 different sizes I
    have a lot of various tubes and pack 1 for the bike per ride

    dammit, ...missing my 26'er with medium presta valve. gonna have
    to ride with only patch kits.

    so I am thinking ...could this tube be lost at the same place I took my last digger ?
    it was on a trail which is basically a highway with hundreds of bikers a week. no way
    will my tube be there 7 days later

    so i go ride, get to that spot, search around, and sure enough, tube in gray sock was
    sitting amongst the leaves in plain sight. anyone could have grabbed it and
    right on the side of the sock it says 26er in big black sharpie

    big win all around.
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