Your dad was hardcore to say the least. The year we all did the VT50, I thought I was doing well to finish in just over 6 hours only to find that John's time was almost 1 hour faster. Can't be certain, but he also might have ridden his bike from Petersham to the old Power Circuit course along the CT River area to check the course out with us. Then there was the day we were all checking out the Second Start Enduro course in NH and as I was pushing hard thru the course(hard for me), and there was John behind me, easily cruising along saying something like "this seems like a comfortable pace"...ouch. Of course, there was the old story that as John would be doing a really tough climb and going by other racers and as he approached the top, he would then shift into a much harder gear as he passed the orher racers. How about the Ellington CT race where John broke his seat post and had to continue racing "off" the saddle........he came in second for the race thanks to the snapped seat post. The stories go on and on. Your dad will never be forgotten by any of us that rode and raced with him. A really nice guy.