I have been getting into everything flashlight related (what I spent my lyme downtime on)
and learned a lot about emitters and battery tech....
Shadow BL21 800 lumen

good link (I buy from CNQ on occasion, OK)

unknown on this site below

This is a lightweight and small light I am going to replace my niterider with.

one thing for sure I am never paying over 100 bucks for any amount of lumens.

anyhow, this is a smart-charger, 3x18650 battery pack, low-bright-strobe style 800 lumenx4 hour
run time cheap light. why pay more ? maybe the waterproofing on this is not as good as niterider,
maybe no race support...etc. but I paid 60 bucks delivered and so far it rocks.

it has a screw hole which fits niterider bits, so I use the rubber trinewt strap for this.

we'll see. If this gets me through the fall and winter with no hassles I will end up recommending it.

I also strongly recommend, if you decide to buy this,
to design a charging area for it that is flameproof, just in case...
because chinese lithium packs (magicshine anyone ??) sometimes cheap out on the cells and well, if they want
to catch fire you want to contain the flame. I have a metal tray, upon which is a terracotta birdbath, and that
is where all my lithiums sit while on the charger or not in use. and I cover them up with a metal lid. I do not
expect anything to catch fire, but hey, I'd rather have a smoky house than a burned down one.

and this...Highly recommended headlight:
I feel is the ultimate headlamp, because the COG is neutral and
it doesn't flop or change it's aim whatsoever, and it is tiny and bright. I hate headlamps because they are
funky to adjust and keep seated, and then what to do with the battery ? well...no more.

zebralight H600 or H600w and eagletac protected 18650 cells. bad-ass, small, lightweight
I take the silicone holder and strap that to my helmet then slide the light sideways into it. absolutely bomber.

Xstar wp2 charger for 18650's

Xtar gets great reviews