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Thread: Cheap Bike lights, 800 lumens, 750 lumens, now testing the BL21

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    been riding with the BL21
    yup, if you need a bright bike light, and want to save major coin, this one is small, light, CHEAP, and works great

    for really bony singletrack, you may want to add 1/2 diffuser film (get at camera shops) to
    improve the flood. it has all the throw you need.

    smart charger goes red when charging, yellow when topping off, green when done.

    light is so well balanced that bumps, jumps, and get-offs do not screw with the aim

    and did I say cheap ? and small ? and light ? get 2 of them, and it is still cheaper
    than most light sets.

    being 18650 parallel powered, you could make your own battery pack,
    2, 3, [or 4 batteries in parallel, you would get extended runtimes]. it already does
    3.5 hours just fine on it's 3 18650's, says it goes to 4 hours.

    the housing has a threaded hole which fits existing niterider if you have
    a tired old niterider mount or minewt, parts can be interchanged.

    oh and also this....aerogel does make an awesome diffuser, it has amazing optic effects (pure diffusion, no artifacts)
    and i have a giant jug of it. so if anyone wanted to play with it for a diffuser, I can supply enough aerogel for ya.
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