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Thread: Cheap Bike lights, 800 lumens, 750 lumens, now testing the BL21

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    Hey Hogboy,

    which 18650 holders do you use? That HL looks good. Do you think that would work OK standalone for riding singletrack?

    I got 18650 holders from dealextreme

    leaf-spring ends, two tabs stick out on the bottom you can solder

    The HL you mean zebraight or BL21? I have been riding the zebralight only, as the days get darker and I am
    out past 8...and when I do use it I don't need anything else...I am getting used to it so far

    no you don't need anything else, but I have depth perception deafness with only a light on head (due to the way shadows
    are almost non-existent with a head mount, rocks look flatter, therefore many mistakes) oddly however, this zebralight doesn't
    seem to cause that it the neutral tint, or the offset mount ? I will be using both when it is for sure -dark-.

    But as a light and photon cannon, the Zebralight is fine. What I like most is it's mount is loose enough to easily
    rotate the aim anywhere, but the light will not move on it's own because it doesn't have a fat head to flop around

    changing the 2+ hour single 18650 on trail would be cake too. reach up, unscrew cap, drop out/in, screw cap, hammer.

    my primary goal is BL21 on high, on bars, and zebralight around 300 lumens (3+hours) on the noggin
    however I have not had depth perception issues with this light in that position.

    The BL as a sole light ? Fine, but I would add a 1/2 lens diffuser for singletrack, as it seems to have a tight beam, which is great, but I
    need to light up bailout spots too, and the trinewt does that job better. I made a 1/2 lens diffuser out of aerogel which
    gives the perfect mix of throw and up front flood. Yes I have loose aerogel grains sloshing around in the front of the
    BL21 and it -really- rules as a diffuser that is always level no matter how it is mounted. and the beam has no artifacts
    ever, it just always has flood and throw. here it is on the trinewt mount
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