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Thread: Cheap Bike lights, 800 lumens, 750 lumens, now testing the BL21

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    Quote Originally Posted by ktmdad View Post
    Nice, and super low profile. Do you notice it at all being off center? I assume that's the spot not the floody version? It would be nice if they made that interchangeable optics/reflectors like the Gemini lights.
    off center, like that matters why ? means nothing in use. doesn't need any better optics. believe me I spent >$3500 in the last 7 months
    researching everything and anything regarding power leds and systems, and I only own what I choose to own after hard research

    this is not to say I know it all, but there is no system for sale I have seen and want, that I don't already own

    I have entered the arena of high power lithium with individual protected cells and separate chargers, not the best place to
    be if you do not want to bother with testing batteries from time to time. expensive bike lights usually have idiot-proof circuits so there
    is about no way in hell the cells can get damaged from abuse or charging incorrectly. with 18650's and lights like the BL21, you
    just need to know to keep an eye on it, if it gets warm it means there is a situation occuring, if you crash and dent the battery
    pack you gotta know to replace it....worries like that are engineered out of the $500 dollar light systems.

    h600w is higher cri flood

    back to the off-center of the zebralight..if anything it makes riding with a headlight easier as
    a centered light hides the true dimensions of the objects you encounter, with this one slightly
    favoring one eye, each eye picks up a different shadow of any object and it is easier to gauge
    the dimensions. centered headlights always make me stuff myself on certain babyheads, which
    is why I usually never use headlights at all...but this side-mount gives better parallax representation of shadows,
    so I can better tell the depth...and sort 3 inch/5 inch/8 inch rocks apart...

    you don't notice it is off the the side, visually your riding space is just lit all the hell up.
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