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Thread: Cheap Bike lights, 800 lumens, 750 lumens, now testing the BL21

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    I use eagletac protected 18650 3100mah for any 18650 light

    if the bl21 battery pack gives me grief, I have several 18650 holders I will strap
    together and fill it with eagtac 18650 and charge them independently

    no one has reviewed the bl21 yet. is an experiment, but plenty of light and as I said, cheap.
    the only flaw I can see is beam is tad too narrow for tight singletrack, I needed to add a diffuser to get a little
    floodier beam (my diffuser technology is filling the lens 1/2 way with loose aerogel granules, and
    it works amazingly well and it is self-leveling, I have flood and throw as the same time)

    plus it is 18650 so if the batteries sour, no sweat using my own 18650 holders and 3 eagtacs...but the
    bl21 is wicked light. it is no 24hour race light... but for 3 hour rides, fine.

    flaws with niterider is they like to put the whole assembly way out in front of the holder, cog is way in front, so you are always trying to tighten and loosen it and
    going off drops makes it droop. Pain in the butt. this bl21 is light and centered so drops don't make it droop.

    I start using it on a regular basis real soon...this time of year 8pm is now dark thirty...can't see spending more, but you do need
    to know how to handle and maintain high power lithium's if you venture into the cheap light arena, just
    to be safe in case your cheap charging circuit is bad or the cells are lousy.

    I still have the minewt and trinewt as backups

    so my new current ride mode is: zebralight h600w in helmet, perma-mounted (all I do is swap battery)
    and then the bl21 on the bars. my testing playground is the boniest of bony top secret place, so if I come
    home with the same or less blood pouring out of me than daylight, I am doing OK
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