Cheap and kinda interesting. Have you seen any real world reviews of these lights?? Nightrider stuff is overpriced with a high rate of problems. Great customer service and they need it.

18650 batteries don't buy cheap ones IMO. Get good Panasonic, AW's or other really good cells not cheap Chinese crap. I use the Xtar charger also after doing much research. It's good.

Zebralight makes some nice flashlights and headlamps. I have the SC600 XML 750 lumen flashllight and the thing is the nuts. Small, solid, nice UI and stupid bright. That new headlamp looks great....however take a look at these from Gemini Lights. More money for sure but the stuff is top quality, comes with great Panasonic 18650 cells, charger, mounts, optional spot or flood reflectors etc. I can personally vouch for the Xera helmet light which is fantastic and small and the 2 cell battery easily mounts to a helmet and you don't even know it's there. Flashlight is new but looks great and has the powerful XML U2 emitter and again comes with all the good stuff.

Xera light

Xera flashlight