I just got the most recent issue of Singletracks magazine yesterday and proceeded right to my 'reading room' to check it out. Not too many pages in, I came across an Ad from a Law Firm that forced me to do a 'double take'. I apologize, I don't have the issue in front of me, so I'm paraphrasing......The Ad stated that this Law firm were bike accident advocates or specialists......... and that got me thinking.

I realize that some bike accidents are the faults of others, for example.........a roadie (while following the rules of the road) getting clipped by a driver, paying to ride at a skatepark and having a half pipe collapse while riding it, etc... I've always felt that jumping on your bike and riding trails was an individual choice, and all the individual risks involved are accepted by the rider once the helmet is strapped on.

I found this Ad particularly troubling because Singletracks is read by Land Managers, Private Land Owners, and Gov't/Municiple representatives who grant us MTB's access to their land. There was an article a few pages away where representatives from NEMBA were meeting with Maine officials regarding trail acces!!!!!!

I understand that these days the advertising dollars are far and few between and it's tough to turn away $$$, but do we (NEMBA) want this message getting out there via 'our' forum (Singletracks Magazine). I may be overracting, and if I am, let me know......I won't take offense. I've been wrong a million times about a million things and could be way off base with this one too. This just didn't feel right to me. IMO, this law firm is targeting the wrong audience.