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Thread: wow this place in Kennebunkport is concentrated twisties and grunts like nothing else

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    Quote Originally Posted by antmav View Post
    Is the place loaded with rock? Technical?

    I drive by the Kennebunkport exit almost every weekend during DH season. Would be nice to hit some ST to break up the 3+ hour commute.

    Thanks for the map and info!!!!!!!!!
    no technical like 'forced jumps', though there are LOADS of stuff you could find

    technical like, sudden braking, tight turns, hurk up rock, off-camber descents...
    and a ton of that....linked by some carriage roads

    the trail is super rolly tight twisties on rocks. technical yes you might need to be 'expert rider' or you may not have
    fun at all. lots of bouldering and going into channels where you drop in a small vert and then need to immediately
    pop back up with a 'hurk' on the bars. like a circus.

    if you go by there, it is a definite must check out and learn the trail system. a few dead ends
    on my map were wide trails but to backyards. most have a PRIVATE sign on trees (kudos for that)

    North and West of my map there are scads of woods I didn't even check out. I was beat up enough
    for the 8 miles I did. next time i am eating my wheaties and for sure there will be many 'next times'

    once you find the rocky rolling 6 mile singletrack (yellow marker trail) , the place is baller !

    there is a bike shop nearby run by the people who used to run the now closed Cape Able bike shop,
    Kennbunkport Bicycle Company (in the link below it is the big yellow building) these are the local crew
    and they pointed me to this place. they say there is a lot I didn't find in there. I found the obvious stuff
    (which was pretty meaty)
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