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    Fellow Riders of Borderland,

    Please help me get the word out that there is some unwanted trail building activities going on in the park. Most of it is primarily some new building of trail off-shoots up to and over many of the big boulders that are off-trail - some close and some further from trails edge.
    Most of this activity is occurring off of Friend's and Ridge Trails, but I'm sure there are other areas.
    EDIT - as of this afternoon after I was able to review other areas, I am adding NEMBA trail to the list. Unfortunately, this one is the biggest problem.

    This activity has to cease immediately.

    As many of you may know, NEMBA has had over a decade of good will in the park, and built 2 very useful trails in that time: Bob's Trail and NEMBA Trail, as well as a ton of bridges (Friends Trail) and other projects in the park. Over that same period of time, the Borderland Advisory Council and the Friends of Borderland (representing the public stakeholders for park use) as well as the DCR have all given Mountain Bikers positive reviews and continue to promote our presence as a beneficial user group. Please, let's not ruin a good thing with this activity.

    Thank you

    Chris Patrick
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