Though this ride has been on hiatus
For several legitimate reasons.
We ain’t quittin’ yet,
‘Cept for NOT getting wet.
Cause this is the best of all seasons!

Ma nature may favor us early
With magical anti-dust potion.
So we’ll hit the dirt
And with darkness we’ll flirt.
There’s no better après work notion!

We got us a little steel kettle
And a package of tube steaks or two.
Some rolls will be grillin’
While we all be chillin’.
So come out and join us won’t you?

Times: 5pm - warm up / 6pm - RM & beyond
Place: Russell Mill Town Forest, Chelmsford, MA 01824
Week 29 pace: Serious...the Wicked Ride looms!
Distance: 20 miles, more/less

Plan B is ‘on tap’ as usual