Jim called me about this today. I haven't really been lurking here much, and my guess is if I was, I would have read the first post and moved on. I try not to engage myself with spam like this, and when he called(Jim , when you called, cause I know you're here...) I really didn't know how to respond, since I don't frequent Otis....but now I see that you guys have pretty much said it all....
I really don't see his points here and what his agenda is, but I think it's all about him. We (mountain bikers) will continue to do what we do to take care of the trails, ( even those who are not part of CC NEMBA geographically or otherwise ) and we do it for the benefit of all users, and for the most part, like real life, we are friendly!
That's all I have to say, and will not revisit this thread.