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Thread: 7.875 X 2 or 2.25 rear shock

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    Default 7.875 X 2 or 2.25 rear shock

    I need one to continue my old Mantra build...can't use a piggyback one but a straight can would work...cheaper the better...I'll rebuild if I have to.

    Thanks, Laurence

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    Have a 2002 Fox float RL AVA rear shock which came off my superlight ( cracked frame replaced). Had it completedly rebuilt by fox and never used -only the canister shell was not swapped out. Got a 2011 frame replacement w/rp23 rear shock, so I have a completely rebuilt rear shock sitting in my parts bin. Eye to eye is 7.75" which is just smidge shy. Anyone want to chime in who might know if this will work? Price will be reasonable and includes manifest / packing slip from fox.
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