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Thread: Bigfoot, UFO's, Black Helicopters, etc in New England riding spots

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    Good thing I wasn't carrying.....with one in the pipe.........oh wait, maybe someone I was with had a pipe, and the pipe was loaded, oh nevermind. Carry on.
    Sorry, but I don't keep the pipe loaded when riding. The hippie lettuce tends to fall out and get all mixed into my pack, that shits expensive!

    Since the common "thread" here seems to be scary experiences and guns, I've got another tale. Several years back a friend and I decided to sneak in a ride on the one day between shotgun and black powder seasons. We headed up to Otis and started out, no orange, since its not technically hunting season.

    Well we got about a quarter mile up the trail and encountered a bloody rib cage. No head, no legs, just a bloody backbone and ribs. Ok, we think, looks like coyotes got ahold of somebody's venison. So we ride on and bump into a nice old guy hunting. Turns out we were confused on the dates and it is actually the first day of black powder season. Now we're a bit bummed, but we decide to ride on. As we start to pedal, a deer starts running just to the west of us. I know it was west because the highway was a hundred yards or so away. Anyway, the old man lines it up and pops off his shot (yes, right at the highway). He missed and we rode on even more nervous.

    About a mile down the trail we crest a hill and I see a couple of dudes with mullets (no joke) and chaps (yes, assless, though they did have pants underneath, thank god). And one of them is aiming straight at us. Cue the deliverance music. Well that was strike three, so we bushwhacked our way to 28 and rode back to the truck on the highway.

    I still get the heebie jeebies thinking about that ride.
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