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Maybe this thread should just be moved to the polotics and rants forum. It is a shame, it started off interesting, now it's just crap.
Yea, move along folks, not much to see here.

Speaking of politcs and rants, I was out riding at LDT this morning (Brrrrrrrr!) and speaking of rare and scary things that you see in the woods, I actually saw a buncha people ( PK included!) actually riding 26ers. I had to do a double take. Damn, I thought the crew I ride with were the only one's on the east coast that still rock the 26 inch hoops anymore.

I'm so used to seeing kit'd up folks lowering their 29'ers off their roof rack tray only to have to put their front tire on before they start riding. Don't they make a roof rack mount that holds a 29er with the front tire on?????????? hahahaha

Good thing I wasn't carrying.....with one in the pipe.........oh wait, maybe someone I was with had a pipe, and the pipe was loaded, oh nevermind. Carry on.