Sorry, but as a former Marine with heavy firearm training, and someone who has watched a human die from an accidental firearm discharge, I think Icecreamjs statement was valid.

As you stated, you pulled a pistol and rode with it, on a bike, with your adrenalin pumping. You, someone who works in public safety, was flying around a public trail at night scared out of your mind with a loaded pistol in your hand (round in the chamber? I hope not). What if you bumped into me while I was taking a piss with my light off by the side of trail?

So, sorry to single you out here, but your story makes me scared to ride at night. Not because of old ladies, but because there might be a freaked out trigger happy mountain biker ripping around singletrack in a panic with a loaded pistol in hand.

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Since you decided to throw some fuel on the fire, here's the burn ( my response). I'm so glad that you decided to just throw out theories about me when one, you've never met me, and two, you know nothing about me.

1. I don't need to grow some balls, I can easily take of myself, my family, and my friends without firearms.
2. What am I afraid of? Well for one, being out in the woods alone in the middle of the night and running into, the occasional poacher (like you did, I have as well), packs of homeless individuals (unfortuately there are 'tent cities' very close to the ST I ride), groups of young punks (doing who knows what in the woods), wolves (yes, wolves are in Massachusetts), jumping an occassional black bear (happened to me at least two times), knuckleheads wandering the woods in the middle of night (just once)......just to name a few.
3. I think your comment about me is way off base concerning watching too many movies. I actually watch very little TV, some sports, and a lil news, that's about it. I'm glad you have facts to back up your assertion that I watch too many movies. I very rarely watch movies and haven't heard of a movie highlighting a gun totting mountain biker. Does sound like a perfect role for Mark Walberg, directed by Ben Afleck though.
4. I don't have a cool, expensive gun and I don't feel I have to justify legally owning firearms by pulling them on anyone and anything. Most people I know have newer, flashier, more expensive bits on their bike than the firearm I occassionaly carry while riding.
5. I agree with you that I could take down an older lady without a firearm
6. Will I carry when I'm on a group ride at night with others? No way, no need to when I'm in a group.

To share a lil bit about myself, I work in the public safety field and my main goals are to assist the people I can when called upon, and to make it home to my family safely after every shift. Period! I've seen too many situations when seemingly good people are injured or worse because of either the careless, malicious, or foolish actions of others. My goal is to not become one of those statistics. I do what I need to do to protect myself and my family at all times..........Be it, staying in the best shape I can, working out, being up to date on close combat techniques and yes, sometimes legally carrying firearms.

In closing, I respect your opinions and thoughts. I respectfully disagree with most of them, but nonetheless, you have your right to your opinion. The one thing I ask before the next time you offer a public assumption about someone or a situation is, to make sure you have some facts to back up your opinion(s).

I wonder how many out there thought I was going to come out 'guns blazing' on Icecreamjay? No, I'm not a Kool Aid drinker who will just spit the generic NRA speech about the right to bear arms, blah, blah, blah, I chose to provide Icecreamjay with some insight, facts, and reasons as to why I make the decision(s) I do to protect myself when I'm out in the woods alone at night. I just told the story, he offered his opinions about me.

My main goal with this response was to defend myself against some inaccurate accusations. I could've come out 'guns blazing', shooting back, ripping on someone, being disrespectful to someone I don't know, making assumptions about someone I don't know, etc.. but I'll leave that to others. End of conversation in my book.

Rip it up out there!