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Thread: Bigfoot, UFO's, Black Helicopters, etc in New England riding spots

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    A few years ago when I was heavy into endurance racing, I had to squeeze in my training rides around my work, husband, and Daddy duties. I would routinely head out for solo rides in the Summer and Fall between 9:00pm-10:00pm and not get back home until 1:00am-3:00am. I'd pack multiple batteries, a cell phone, and oh yea, something to protect myself. Ok, so there's the set-up.

    I was out late one night out by the Dunstable/Groton line and I started to get that weird feeling. The night riders out there know what feeling I'm describing. This feeling was nothing new, I kind of looked forward to it. That weird/nervous/anxious feeling always forced me pick up my pace and focus on the trail. Now, throughout my late night/early morning riding years, I have 'jumped' my share of deer, seen glowing coyotes eyes in the distance, and have had owls swoop in front of me....none of this bothered me for more than a few seconds. I was way out in the middle of east BF, I'm guessing at least a couple of miles from the nearest paved road or house. I was riding along on a nice section of ST, and outta nowhere, this woman, an older woman wearing sunglasses, appeared in the middle of the trail in front of me. I almost S, I skidded to a stop and couldn't move. Stunned, with my lights blinding her, she said "Nice night for a ride". I couldn't get out any what seemed like minutes (but was probably just a few seconds) I finally muttered, "Yea, it is". She stood there just looking at me, not moving a muscle. I still couldn't move. I remember thinking to myself "Should I reach in my pack?" Instead, like a frozen tool, I kept blinding her with 700 lumens. She was standing no more than 25 feet in front of me without saying anything or moving for close to 45 seconds. I started doing some mental math, reach in pack, grab you know what, be ready, etc., I quickly figure out there was no way of getting in my pack and being ready in enough time if she ran towards me. That is when I got real nervous. She never said another word. This woman never looked down, looked away, or asked me to move my light out of her eyes.....not that I would have anyway. This woman was just standing in the middle of the trail starring at me. The woman started to slowly walk towards me. I quickly jumped off my bike, swung my pack around, looked down for a second, found the zipper and unzipped it, and reached in my pack. I looked up and the woman had her back to me. She was now probably standing no more than 20 feet away from me with her hands by her side. She stood there for at least 30 seconds without moving. She never said another word. She eventually started to move and walk away from me. She eventually walked out of my light beam and after a minute or so, I couldn't hear the sound of her walking away. I waited at that spot for a few more minutes trying to wrap my head around what just happened. When my heart rate finally came down, I picked up my bike, turned around, kept one hand on my protection, and one on the bars, and headed out the same way I came quickly as I could. I kept looking back foolishly. I kept thinking "Was this woman gonna jump me from behind".....ya know, like those cheesy horror flicks where the screaming woman is running pretty swiftly through the woods and the bad guy is walking at a snail's pace after her, only to catch. hahahahaha Only, I was playing the super hot scared blond, and this bizarre woman was playing the deranged serial killer. I finally found a paved road and ending up riding the roads the entire way home. Since that night, I still hate riding alone at night.

    I've only told one other person this story. My buddy believes me (I think he does, but probably thinks I'm nuts) and told me I most likely ran across some lady wearing night vision goggles. I told him they weren't googles, they were sunglasses. He responded that she had to be wearing night vision eyewear which was equiped with some sort of bypass which wouldn't allow a large amount of light to blind her. He told me she probably saw me reaching in my bag, got spooked. and walked away. In any case, I still get goosebumps and the hair on the back of my neck sticks out when I think about it.

    Thanks Scott for bringing this to the surface. hahahahahaha
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