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    Quote Originally Posted by Slappy View Post

    Great program to start out with.
    You might be able to get to Killington, Snow or Jiminy a little quicker, but you definitely will have a far better time at Highland.
    Not so sure on that one Ole Slap - Killington is twice the mountain - more varied and more trails - Highland is a jumpers park and very small. For a first time out - I wouldn'tt recommebd Highland - On the other hand

    can't wait for Sunday at Windham NY to watch the boys throw it down for the DH WC! Go Minnaar! Gwin! Atherton! Peaty!
    Love that stuff! Hit it up Slap - I'll be in a bright yellow shirt making all kinds of world cup noises! ! If you show up - I'll buy you a beer!
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