Massachusetts Audubon has taken a very strong anti-mountain bike stance at the Middlesex Fells. They are putting a lot of pressure on the DCR to prevent the trails plan from being approved. I have a lot of positive past history with Audubon. My family has been members for as long as I can remember and I have enjoyed many of their properties. After having a discussion with the Audubon policy people, I decided to let my membership expire. I can not support an organization that does not share my values.

So, I got a phone call at home from a volunteer from Mass Audubon asking me to re-join.
I spent 10 minutes on the phone with her. Explained my concerns and told her that not only would I not re-join, I was going to try to convince her to reconsider her own involvement with the organization. After some discussion, she was surprised to hear the actions that Mass. Audubon had taken. She said that her father was an avid mountain biker and that she did not agree with their policy direction. We spent some time talking about how conservation improves if people have a personal connection with the environment. The new conservation movement needs to be more inclusive. She kept saying “but Audubon does so many good programs”. I responded that restricting State Park access to a small and elite few is a sin that undoes all the good done by those programs.