This is not the end of my mountain biking, I don't think. Truth is, I'm not really sure what t means. I couldn't resist on a great deal on a 1994 Kawasaki KLR 650, so I grabbed it at half its real value.

I haven't ridden in 20 years, but was pretty into the dirt bikes and some road stuff back then. I did a few hare scrambles, but mostly lived on the trails in every free moment. The injuries started to pile up and I sold the bikes and bought a mountain bike and never looked back. Until now.

The KLR is referred to as an Adventure Tourer. Not really for slinging around on the single track; it's more about back road riding and occasional jaunts up interesting dirt roads. It weighs somewhere north of 340lbs, so it has an automatic off-road limiter built in. Maybe I could do some of the more gentle stuff in the Snip, but the fire roads would be the usual fare. I won't be going fast enough to degrade the trails and the tires are tamer than full knobbies.

There's plenty to explore near where I live, but the moto sure won't give me the workout the mtb does. We'll see where it all falls out. I'm hoping is isn't just a stop before the rocking chair.