Just to maybe save you some trouble - you shouldn't buy a shock without knowing what eye-to-eye length you need or what stroke your bike requires. If you don't know that offhand, you should post up the make model and year of your bike. 5" of travel can be provided in a whole buncha different ways. I'm gonna assume you need either a 7.5 or a 7.875 eye to eye with a 2.25" stroke, since that's fairly common on 5" travel bikes. Could be something different tho, depending.

Another thing to watch for is the way your shock is mounted and what hardware is required Ė this stuff is not standard either. If you donít want to end up on a fruitless hardware search trying to mount 5th Element Air shock on a bike that came with a Fox, you might want to post what make/model of shock you have currently and what frame itís for. On the same note, if youíve got a bike like some FSRs that came with an air shock that runs thru a hole in the seattube, you may not have enough room to put a coil-over shock thru the same hole. If you were happy with the performance of you previous shock, itís probably you best bet to replace it with the same thing.