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Thread: 26" front wheel (on front shocks)

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    Default 26" front wheel (on front shocks)

    I need to replace my Mavic 221 26" front wheel that has a Shimano Deore LX axle. Looking for wheel/axle combo of similar or better quality. Using Velociraptor tires on it right now. Also, the front shock can't take disc brakes.

    Shop says that if they open the axle up to re-pack the bearings, there's a chance they could be toast, then I'd have to either buy a new axle or a whole wheelset. They said that a whole wheelset would be cheaper of the two. Well, if I take a chance on repacking the axle, it would be a lot cheaper, but don't want to chance that, then find I'd have to spend more money for one of the other two options.

    So, anyone have 26" front wheel available?
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