I am looking to borrow or buy an S&S backpack case.

This is for July 15-18 trip to California from Logan, nonstop flight. I would prob. need it the weekend before to make sure I have time to pack my bike.
Also, upon pickup from the airport we are going directly to Warren, Vermont for a week. I plan on re-assembling my bike at the airport before my wife picks me up, so I could drop off the case that day if you are north of Boston, or you could get it back sometime late July.

I could pick this up no problem, I am on the Cape.

I am also open to just buying a used case.

I am wavering on buying a new one, since I can pretty much just rent a bike out there and avoid the hassle. I am not sure how many times I will end up using the case in the future.

Thanks, PM me...