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Thread: SS or Fixed 'cross frame and fork

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    Default SS or Fixed 'cross frame and fork

    Hi all,

    I'm parting with my 54cm On One Il Pompino singlespeed/fixed 'cross frame. I picked up a Bianchi San Jose over the winter that I like a bit more so this needs a new home.

    Specs/Geometry can be found here:

    This one features a 135mm spaced rear end and will work with MTB hubs as well as bolt on road hubs (just add a spacer or two, or run your chain tugs on the inside. I did this for two years when I ran it fixed with no issues).

    For reference I'm 6' tall with a proportional build and it fit me well. Not too long or short for me anyways. Pretty neutral handler with a high enough BB for off road use. I raced it a bunch between training races and a few "real" cross races. I also rode it fixed quite a bit in the winter/spring. I applied two coats of framesaver when I bought it and it's in good shape with some heel rub on the chainstays. No dents and no cracks (or I wouldn't be selling it).

    NEMBA price is $175 with the seat collar and cable stops. I have a few other parts I may include for low $$ as well (cranks, seatpost) if needed.

    Email or PM for pics: mtbdee at

    Here is one from my blog when it was built:
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