i have been trying on ebay to score a road bike, thought i would try here. $1000 budget. pref. campy equipped, but 8 speed or so is fine. steel or ti (ti too pricey, tho). something cool and exotic like an old colnago, IF or old merlin. threaded headset OK. i really want a complete bike, but would consider something close to complete.

for reference, i currently ride a surly cross check as my road bike and am looking for something more roadie. also, the surly is a 56 and a little small.

i also would like to have not too much saddle to bar drop.

just a shot in the dark here. i live on the cape and would prefer to do a local transaction. i could drive to somewhere south of boston if need be.

what do you have in the old bike shed? i have just missed some bikes that fit my description on ebay, so i think i am within reason.

PM me or reply to this with some contact info and i will contact you