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Thread: Battery/Nightrider Evoloution

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    Default Battery/Nightrider Evoloution

    I know it is kinda old school but, strapped and rather than upgrading right now i need a good battery for a nightrider evoloution that will hold a charge if you have and want to unload (reasonable pm me
    Mark Courtemanche,

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    Did you even try the lights I lent you....?

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    Is that a Halogen based system? If so, I just bought a water bottle battery and charger from Batterystation.com for my NiteRider dual handlebar mount for $85. It works great, though you will need to do a little soldering to get the whole thing together - its no big deal, but if you don't have access to a soldering iron it will be tough/impossible.

    The NiteRider system I have can easily accept MR-16 bulbs, which is great since those bulbs are used in landscaping and can be bought at Home Depot ($6). I bought a higher voltage battery (14.4V), overvolting the bulb means you get much brighter/whiter light, though bulb life suffers. I figure I can get a whole season on a single bulb, so at $6 I'm fine with that.

    If you have further questions, I can possibly help you out with the electrical stuff - its pretty simple stuff.

    Big Strings, Big Wheels, The Jisch Blog

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