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    Hey all,

    I'll take a moment to say "hey." Joined NEMBA winter '06 since I finally now have some cash to donate to causes (NEMBA, Nature Conservancy, NPR) and I'm on a quest to get back into riding. Figure NEMBA is the best place to start my comeback. I've been riding since '91, but didn't hardly ride at all in college. The past 5 years I've been limited to city riding (commuting), but last year I plopped down for the blue Cannondale hardtail I wanted since I was 13, and moved out from the city some. (Medford, MA) New job is in North Andover, and I drive past Harold Parker everyday, and I will be visiting very soon (in fact I just posted a request for trail conditions for this streak of spring weather!).

    Bought the wife a bike too, and this is the year we really start riding often. Mostly off road. She's interested in the fitness aspects, I was in need of another soul to join me, and we tend to do everything together. I'd rather ride slow and easy with her, than challenging alone. But that doesn't mean I wouldn't like to meet some folks and improve my own fitness and skills. Frankly, I can't bunny hop to save my life. I need to learn, seriously. It'd be cool if she, too, could meet some women riders to encourage her to form the habit, as well.

    Other than that, I'm (was?) a pretty decent rider who prefers quicker, flowing stuff over excessively technical or only steep. Like to go up as well as down.

    Look forward to seeing some of you in eastern mass and NH this season!


    PS - pics of the bikes, so new at the time that they still had the tags on. And no pedals on mine...
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