Brian Burns here, I ride a 07 epic carbon! WOOT! She is HOT!

I ride mostly on Cape Cod. I spend a lot of time in the Otis woods, and a good deal of time in the Long Pond Woods. I am sure I have seen a lot of you out there (otis). I am the guy with the Red Doberman and pockets full of trash from the slobs!

My best trip was to Killington last season. Its what got me BACK into Mt.biking, and what got the wife into it with me. We rode UP mt.killington, it was like 5 miles up! It took us almost 3 hours to get up the Mt, and like 20 minutes to come down! The whole climb up I am telling my Wife, come on hunny... MMM.. just think about the Lunch in the lodge (I was starving)... The whole ride up I was just thinking about what I am going to eat/drink.. MMM beer.... Well we get to the top, and I realize my freaking wallet is in the truck! I tried to get the wife to go get it but she told me to go pound sand lol, it was a blast though. Next time I am taking a lift though! LoL. I also road at Mt.Snow, and that was a great ride too. I plan on heading all over NE this spring for some riding and down south to MD (family down there) I wanna hit up kingdom trails, and that other trail system in NH (I can't remember the name). I will get some pics up soon. I love taking pics, so I have a lot of them, I just never post... lol.